High performance domed (round tip) air rifle pellets.

Calibre Weight Art no  Pcs per tin
4,52 (.177) 0,547 grams (08,40 grains) 5521 500
5,52 (.22) 1,030 grams (15,90 grains) 5522 500
5,52 (.22) 1,175 grams  (18,10 grains) 552218 500
6,35 (.25) 1,645 grams (25,40 grains) 5523 350
6,35 (.25) 2,200 grams (34,00 grains) 5533 300
7,62 (.30) 2,900 grams (44,80 grains) 76230 150
7,62 (.30) 3,250 grams (50,15 grains) 76230-1 150
9,07 (.35) 5,250 grams (81,00 grains) 5539 100




Airguns are rapidly evolving. What a modern PCP airgun can do currently is simply staggering. These last few years; the technology, efficiency, and abilities of airguns have exponentially increased. The modern shooter needs innovative ammo that can shoot longer and still retain high precision accuracy.

The standard diabolo pellet shape helps maximize accuracy in airgun barrels due to their low bearing surface and ability to shape itself to the barrel. But the pellet has limitations in the stabilizing drag of the pellet shape results in a quick loss of energy as well as being easily moved the wind. Pellets simply cannot maximize the potential of the modern PCP airgun.

To solve these issues FX presents a new Hybrid Slug that is a perfect blend of the pellet and slug. It has a higher ballistic coefficient, is lighter in weight, and can be shot out of most PCP’s with massive expansion.

The FX Hybrid Slug will revolutionize what an airgun can do. The Hybrid benefits form the external dimensions of a high ballistic coefficient slug of much heavier weight but has a completely hollow core and deep recessed base, making it light enough to be shot with extreme accuracy. Its unique shape and extreme low weight, combined with an optimal bearing surface, allow for velocities and trajectories that are unparalleled by any other slug or pellet.

These Hybrid Slugs are designed with all PCP airguns in mind but are specifically tailored to the FX Smooth Twist X (STX) barrels.

With the FX Hybrid you get a flatter trajectory with less wind drift, more retained energy, and much more accuracy at longer distances than any pellet; all with massive expansion for hunting. This unique patented design is unleashing the possibilities of both distance and the accuracy you can achieve with an airgun.

Calibre Weight Art no  Release date
5,5 (.22)  1,231 grams (19 grains) 917442 TBA
5,5 (.22) 1,425 grams (22 grains) 917411 Available
6,35 (.25) 1,704 grams (26,3 grains) 917428 Available
6,35 (.25) 2,047 grams (31,6 grains) 917459 TBA
7,62 (.30) 2,560 grams (39,5 grains) 917480 TBA
7,62 (.30) 2,880 grams (44,5 grains) 917466 Available
9,00 (.35) 4,406 grams (68 grains) 5539 TBA

Packed in sleeve packaging with 100 pcs in each box.