The Royale 500 sports all the features of the 400-series with a few exceptions. The 500 is a .25 caliber with longer barrel and a 500cc air tank.

The 500 comes standard with the patented power adjuster as well as pressure regulator. A reliable and solid airgun all the way thru.


Cocking system Sidelever
Magazine type 11 shot cal 6,35 (.25)
Stock Synthetic


Adjustable recoil-pad


Adjustable recoil-pad

Laminate Black Pepper


Adjustable recoil-pad

Caliber 6,35 (.25)
Barrel FX Smooth Twist

Match grade. Free floating

Length 600 mm

Pressure gauge Air tank gauge
Trigger Adjustable match trigger 400 – 700 g)
Velocity  6,35 (.25) 265 m/s • 870 ft/s
Optics 11 mm dovetail

scope mount

Energy 6,35 (.25) 60 Joule • 45 ft/lbs



Air capacity  500cc
Air cylinder Removable
Shot capacity Approx. 60 at full power
Fill pressure Max 220 bar (3200 psi)
Safety Manual
Optics 11 mm dovetail for scope
Muzzle Shrouded
Length 1195 mm
Weight Synthetic 3,2 kg

Walnut 3,4 kg

Laminate 3,4 kg

Charging Foster Quick Disconnect