The FX Verminator Extreme is the ultimate in compact airgun versatility. We have taken into consideration all possible airgun applications and have included the necessary kit to handle any scenario with the Verminator. Upon opening the included hard case, you will find the Verminator MKII rifle and FX scope mounted with quick change mounts. Further investigation will reveal a full length barrel for high power applications as well
as a shroud extension for super quiet report. We have also included a special barrel that will shoot arrows for added fun for small to medium size game. Switching barrels is quick and easy and requires no tools. Included in the case are four target arrows and crossbow-optic with quick change mounts. Synthetic stock in dark-grey metallic with soft-touch surface.
Equipped with pressure regualtor as standard.

Note: Muzzle energy listed in the specifications of each rifle is for maximum setting. Due to differences in regulations the rifle is often produced with a lower muzzle energy from the factory. Contact your dealer for more info about muzzle energy in your region.

Cocking system Sidelever
Magazine type 16 shot in cal 4,5 (.177)

12 shot in cal 5,5 (.22)

11 shot in cal 6,35 (.25)

9 shot in cal 7,62 (.30)

Stock Synthetic

Adjustable recoil-pad

Ambidextrous (left/right)

Adjustable bottle cover cheek piece (length/angle)

Caliber 6,35 (.25) • 5,5 (.25)
Barrel FX Smooth Twist 500 mm.

Fully shrouded

Pressure gauge Air tank gauge
Trigger Adjustable match trigger (400 – 700 g)
Velocity Pellet 4,5 (.177) – 1000 fps (adjustable high/low)

Pellet 5,5 (.22) – 970 fps (adjustable high/low)

Pellet 6,35 (.25) – 900 fps (adjustable high/low)

Pellet 7,62 (.30) – 870 fps (not adjustable)

Air capacity 500 cc
Air cylinder Removable
Shot capacity Arrows – 50+ in one charge
Fill pressure Max 220 bar (3200 psi)
Safety Manual
Optics 11 mm dovetail scope mount
Muzzle Threaded M20
Length 970 -1140 mm

135 – 1305 mm with extension

Weight 3,6 kg without optics

7 kg Totally with hard-case

Charging Foster Quick Disconnect